The Corgi Suit

The Corgi Suit

As worn by Kathy Lette during the week leading up to and during the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. This Corgi Suit made many different appearances in Newspapers and on TV Shows around the Globe and has become an entity in its own right!!!

The Corgi Suit was made by Kathy’s old gal pal from “The Shire” Toni Moon. Both Kathy and Toni swear that Toni was not one of the “Moles” from Kathy’s international best seller “Puberty Blues”… but her daughter, the creator of this site, is not always so sure.

Toni had a picture of a Corgi, complete with a Crown sitting surrounded by piles of Gold Coins, screen printed onto fabric which was then lovingly adorned with Diamanties, giving him the true “Royal” treatment.

Kathy has since worn The Corgi Suit to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s, Garden Party with Prince Charles at Clarence House. It was a sensation as the photos clearly show.  As of last Thursday however, The Corgi Suit has a new tale to tell of its outstanding outing with "THE Queen"... no not Elton John, although that would be equally as cool, but the real true and ever so propper Queen of England...

The idea of The Corgi Suit is now evolving. 

Owners of Show Dogs, Cats, Horses (and the list goes on) are now all clamouring to have a suit with there own animal printed on their Jacket for the show ring.

If you would like more information about The Corgi Suit or would like to enquire about having one made, complete with the photo of your show animal emblazoned on the jacket and/or skirt, please email us at